100 DAYS OF ỤZỌ DỊ MMA By Her Excellency Barr. (Mrs) Chioma Uzodimma

100 DAYS OF ỤZỌ DỊ MMA By Her Excellency Barr. (Mrs) Chioma Uzodimma


In the Igbo culture, a person’s name holds so much significance in the life of that individual.

Our forefathers believe that every name holds a prophetic mystery, responsible for one’s trajectory on earth.

They strive to do all that is necessary to find an appropriate name at birth that suits the fulfilment of an earthly assignment, yet each name is dependent on fate itself to unravel at it’s own time.

In the name “Hope Uzodimma”, the mystery of Imo State’s renaissance unravels.

The name possesses a powerful visionary virtue for the emancipation of the Imo people.

It speaks to Ndi Imo who are expectant; individuals who need to see greater quality road networks around the state, farmers and entrepreneurs who need and demand more from government’s intervention and policy involvement for their businesses to thrive, or individuals who are expectant of good health infrastructure and a comprehensive medical insurance for the vulnerable and elderly.

These individuals now have HOPE – the power in a name.

Since I got to know H.E. Dist. Sen. Hope Uzodimma and got married to him, one thing I find consistent in him is his passion for the well-being of the people of Imo State.

Hardly a day goes by without him having a new idea on how he thinks issues concerning governance and administration ought to be tackled.

During the campaign, I watched him every night, as he stayed awake thinking of how to provide solutions to Ndi Imo.

As I toured with him on few of his campaign outings, I saw that Ndi Imo needed HOPE, a hope of renewed and a better tomorrow.

Today, Ndi Imo celebrate the good name they gave their trust to.

Uzodimma, The good path; in the mystery of the name, he has found that good path and Imo State is flourishing.

Today makes it a hundred (100) days since the government of shared prosperity in Imo state.

It hasn’t been all rosy, but it has been worth it and we are on the good path.

Despite the plunge in crude oil prices, and the diminishing FAAC receipts, H.E. Dist. Sen. Hope Uzodimma has continued to devise means to propel Imo State to greatness.

With proper accountability, H.E. Hope Uzodimma has ensured that Ndi Imo get the best of their bargain.

Salaries and workers’ entitlements are paid as at when due and the State fast turning to a construction site.

H.E. Hope Uzodinma has continued to fund projects initiated by his predecessor- his belief: “…Everything is for the Interest of Ndi Imo and no parochial interest should supersede that”. Imo State is fast turning to a construction site. Anyone who has been to Imo state in the last 100 days would remark, excitedly of a hurried attempt to change the face of Imo state.

The Operation Search & flush, whom had new operational vehicles purchased from Innoson Motors, an indigenous manufacturer to enhance their operations are working and ridding Imo off criminals.

It’s just 100 days and we expect crime rates to fall drastically in the coming months. The Adapalm, moribund since 2005, is another testimony of the renewed vigour in Imo state. Within 100 days, a bleeding Adapalm is returning profits. It’s the shared prosperity we demanded and Ndi Imo are hopeful for more.

Health centres in Imo state are also experiencing the magic touch of @HE_HopeUzodimma. Just recently, Ambulances were purchased and delivered to health institutions in the 27 Local Government Areas of the state. Ever loyal to indigenous brands, these ambulances were once more, acquired from Inosson Motors.

These health institutions have also been renovated and equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

It’s this magic touch that has ensured that Imo state is prepared and ahead of others in the proactiveness needed to tackle the dreaded Corona virus.

It’s just 100 days and Ndi Imo have seen the light and are hopeful.

In a few years, Imo state would become an Eldorado with glaring changes in infrastructural developments and governance, that will beat our imagination and place Imo State – The Heartland of Innovation and Creativity, where it truly belongs.

Ndi Imo are hopeful and have chosen the good path: ỤZỌ DỊ MMA.

Her Excellency
Barr. (Mrs) Chioma Uzodimma
First Lady, Imo State.