By Mazi Ejimofor Opara

In couching the Rehabilitation component of the 3R mantra, Governor Hope Uzodimma envisioned a Civil Service where things are done differently. This explains his new obsession with dismantling atrophied systems deployed to inhibit collective progress to the benefit of a few pseudo professionals.

The first point in this journey towards rehabilitating and entrenching a SMART Imo State Civil Service is the automation of all financial processes including emoluments, salaries and pensions of workers. As old nefarious systems are wont to, the gatekeepers of the old order are working assiduously to scuttle progress and discredit effort. Fortunately, Governor Hope Uzodimma is not new to the dialectics of socioeconomic reforms, and is not bereft of the courage to lead his convictions.

Imo, as literate as the statistics show us, cannot be left at the crude base of bureaucratic evolution. To this end, it would be surprising to see people argue against a system that seeks to enhance efficiency in public service delivery. The State Civil service is benchmarking against global best practice. Imo is gearing up to the realities of the 4th industrial revolution whilst preparing for an imminent 5th industrial revolution. It is either we innovate or perish in obscurity.

A Smart Civil Service is not only result oriented, but data driven too. Data, as it were, has assumed a fluid form to improve accessibility for effective inter-ministerial, inter-agency exchanges. New skill sets have also emerged for effective book keeping and data management.

The ultimate goal is to establish a Civil service that is propitious, accountable and tech driven. A civil service that will incubate and deliver the *#ImoStateOfSharedProsperity* to all and sundry. This is the “Smart Civil Service”. And the Ideal Bureaucrat is one who works to ensure the realization of this new, but functional system.

We hope our existing workforce does not dwell too long on the withdrawal symptoms of the old system. As it were, Imo is currently playing catch-up behind many States that have long undertaken this journey towards a SMART Civil Service.

Remember, Shared prosperity calls for shared responsibility.